Agriculture Dialogues International

Assisting organisations in the field of Agriculture to engage in Dialogues at International level

Farmer goses with rubber boots along the lane of the tractor over his freshly sown field.

Our Mission

We exist to further the success of the agri-food supply chain in meeting global food security and sustainable development aims, and to grow the momentum of support for the sector in all corners of the globe.

We specialise in bespoke services for Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), trade associations, national governments and international organisations.

ADI’s services

Custom-built multilateral tracking

Private information libraries created for individual organisations, showing the latest currents of decision 

Linking people

Across public, private, civil society constituencies


Multilingual communication services (non-accredited), non-profit bookkeeping, communications products including videos

Meeting facilitation

Note taking and rapporteurship, speaker-line ups and agenda crafting